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Registering with a GP

If you are not registered with a GP you can still use out of hours services and attend GP surgeries which accept 'walk-in' patients.

How to register with a GP

By entering your postcode at this link you can find a GP anywhere in the country.

For more information on registering with a GP in Westminster and information on a practice's clinical scores, patient views and other information see:

For a list of GP practices in Kensington & Chelsea, including links to the practices themselves click here:

For more information on how to register with a GP in Kensington & Chelsea see:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who can register with a GP? 

Legally, any person living in the UK (i.e. any person who is not in the UK for a short visit/ holiday) may register with a GP. You do not need to be a British citizen, or to have lived in the country for a certain time. However, you can only register with a GP who is located near you, rather than any GP you like.

GPs however are able to exercise a certain degree of discretion over who they register and you may find some GPs are easier to register with than others.

What documents do you need to take with you to register with a GP?

Legally, you do not need any documents to register with a GP.

In practice, some GP practices may ask for:

  • Your NHS card
  • Proof of address (usually 1 or 2 bills with your name on it) in order to prove that you live in the area
  • Your passport in order to prove your identity and to check what type of Visa you have.

But no GP practice should refuse to register you either because you are unable to provide this documentation or because you have a certain type of Visa. If they do, tell them that you will be raising this issue with PALS (see below).

Who do you contact if you are having difficulty registering with a GP?

You should contact PALS (Patient Advice and Liaison Service) by phone, text, email or letter. You can’t contact PALS in person.

To contact PALS in Westminster:

  • Opening hours: Monday - Friday 9.30am - 4.30pm
  • Freephone: 0800 587 8818
  • Minicom: 020 7486 9582
  • Text: 07766 251 458

You may get an answering machine if the team is busy. Please leave a message. They aim to return all messages within one working day.

You can email PALS:

Or write to:

Patient Advice and Liaison Service
NHS Westminster
15 Marylebone Road

To contact PALS at Kensington & Chelsea:

Tel. 0208 962 4547

How do you change GP practice?

All you need to do to change GP Practice is to register with a new GP Practice. You do not need to inform your current GP Practice that you’re leaving them.

Alternatively, if you choose to stay in your GP Practice, you can request when making an appointment to be booked with a particular doctor and you can turn down appointments with a doctor you find unsuitable.

How do you make a complaint?

You can make a complaint at the GP Practice, at PALS, or at the PCTs’ complaints manager.

For advice to how to make a complaint, please look at our NHS factcards which have been translated in Arabic, Bengali, Chinese French and Somali. Particularly, you may find this page helpful. 

In Westminster you can contact the Complaints Manager at:

NHS Westminster

15 Marylebone Road,

London, NW1 5JD.

Telephone: 020 7150 8260
Fax: 020 7150 8262

In Kensington & Chelsea you can contact the Complaints Manager at:

Complaints Department, NHS Kensington & Chelsea
Courtfield House, Exmoor Street
London, W10 6DZ

Tel: 020 8962 5507 / 5508
Fax: 020 8962 5509